What We Do

Real Estate

We transform real estate properties into increased cash flow through restructuring, creative financing, aggressive leasing, and decisive management.

Financial products structured around the value of real estate assets can be an effective funding strategy for many companies. As a company with principals that own millions of square feet of commercial, industrial, and residential properties, SB360 delivers unrivaled expertise.

Real estate should be a productive asset.

Our real estate group and affiliates support clients through periods of downsizing, diversification, financial distress, re-capitalization, and growth. Our approach to capturing value from real estate assets incorporates portfolio acquisitions as well as the disposition of real estate holdings and leases. In fact, we make principal acquisitions of retail and commercial real estate for our own long-term holdings.

We’ve amassed a global network of real estate contacts.

The combination of vast experience and extensive relationships is central to our ability to maximize the value of real estate assets. We possess an unrivaled knowledge of markets and potential tenants because of our ever-expanding, privately-held portfolio. A product of our real estate exposure is we’re able to leverage appreciable resources to benefit our client’s interests.