SB360 helps clients achieve financial objectives by leveraging real estate assets to structure capital solutions. Our creative, customized structures include sale/leaseback transactions, leasehold guarantees, purchase of designation rights, and the outright acquisition of fee-owned properties and leasehold interests.

A few prior transactions:

  • In partnership with a public REIT, we provided a multiple draw loan facility secured by priority mortgages on leasehold interests and second priority mortgages on fee-owned properties
  • We structured a sale/leaseback transaction of owned properties that helped fund a “going concern” acquisition of a 90 store chain
  • We acquired the right to dispose of properties by funding equity upfront on sites that were collaterally mortgaged
  • We acquired a majority position in debt issue secured by properties
  • Since May of 2011, we have provided more than $50 million in financing to a sponsor acquiring new construction condominium inventory from financial institutions. Financing Transactions