The Asset Recovery Center

SBC Logistics is changing the way companies liquidate unproductive inventory. We process and resell customer returns, defective merchandise, end-of-season clearance, obsolete merchandise, and overstocks. Our sensible, cost-effective options give companies the alternative they need to turn problem inventory into cash.

Our convenient, low cost facility in Columbus enhances net recovery by reducing the expenses associated with disposition. The 300,000 square foot Asset Recovery Center (ARC) is a modern, well choreographed operations center. Equipped with the latest technology and skilled personnel, we resolve complex product return and asset recovery challenges.

Time is money. As quickly as possible, we push the most saleable product back into the marketplace. Providing faster liquidation through venues best matched to market your product, SBC Logistics has a nationwide network of wholesale and returns jobbers. They pay a premium for our product because they know our sorts separate saleable merchandise from non-saleable. This is an important and valuable distinction, one directly linked to the value recovered.

Need more convincing? We have a history. Our knowledge base has been enriched by generations of asset disposition professionals. It is central to our ability to deliver effective solutions for handling problem inventory.

SBC Logistics simplifies the process of third-party asset recovery. Retailers with product of every conceivable type recognize the difference our resources make. They rely on us to provide meaningful solutions to their unproductive inventory problems.

To learn more, watch SBC Logistics in motion.