Online revenues continue to climb at rates once thought unimaginable. The e-commerce channel presents enormous opportunity for expansion and the realization of growth.

But opportunity often brings pitfalls. Managing customer returns effectively has presented a challenge that has perplexed the industry, and threatens to seriously erode margins. More than 30% of items bought online will be returned. High return rates, combined with added costs for shipping and restocking, plus unplanned markdowns for items beyond their life cycle, have been detrimental to the bottom line of even the most advanced e-commerce operators.

SBC Logistics is a common sense resource for handling your customer returns. We’ve built a solid reputation for managing a rapid intake of returns and producing high quality sorts for maximum resale value. Our cost effective model off-sets any perceived benefit from operating your own internal return centers.

Why SBC Logistics?

1. Centrally located facility
2. We can pick up the returns from your facilities
3. We’ve amassed an extensive resale network, yet we remain committed to protecting your brand
4. We offer offsite storage for seasonal goods
5. Flexible guaranteed payment and/or fee based structures