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Luxury, Diamond & Jewelry

For an asset class of inventory unlike any other, SB360 delivers real solutions customized to fit the need of clients of any size.

Led by industry veteran Leonard R. Polivy, SB360’s Luxury, Diamond and Jewelry division offers a unique combination of hands-on experience, industry knowledge, and technical expertise to complement our existing team of seasoned retail merchants. This full suite of services allows us to deliver timely, flexible, and creative solutions for any client, whether multinational or single store.

High value in a small package

SB360 understands value from a lender’s perspective. Interdependence on commodity pricing, fluctuations in selling seasons, and slow turnover at retail are all determinants for valuing this asset class. But we also recognize the variables and intangibles of value from a merchant’s perspective. Our expansive approach is critical to providing accurate and reliable inventory valuation.

Leonard’s 30+ years of experience in the jewelry industry align with SB360’s core services and financial strength to deliver real-world solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. For any transaction, large or small, SB360 has the infrastructure and expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.

Diamond & Jewelry
Diamond & Jewelry

A big firm with a boutique touch.

  • Valuation Services
  • Inventory Verification
  • Inventory Solutions/Strategic Events
  • Financial Solutions
  • Business Advisory Services

Minimize the risk. Maximize the recovery.


SB360 delivers a full spectrum of services to retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of all sizes. We offer timely, flexible, and creative solutions inspired and developed by seasoned retailers and merchants. Our principals and merchants have managed thousands of stores and billions of dollars in wholesale and retail inventory.

As the company that defined asset value maximization, SB360 remains at the forefront of the industry by providing innovative solutions for complex business challenges. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses manage change, restructure assets, turn around dwindling profitability, and convert underperforming assets into newfound liquidity – and we’ve done it more effectively than anyone else.