What We Do

Fixed Assets

The Asset Recovery Group is one of the industry’s leaders, delivering smart, resourceful strategy and the best platforms to maximize value.

Closed stores. An upgrade to an outdated facility. A merger, or a new acquisition. The evolution of any business produces displaced or duplicative assets. Our job is to determine the value of those assets and to maximize the monetary recovery we generate for our clients.

The Asset Recovery Group starts with a comprehensive assessment. We study all the factors affecting the value of the problem assets. We also survey the global supply and demand for comparable assets. Finally, we formulate a plan to maximize the recovery value.

Strategy moves to action as we implement our plan via an orderly liquidation, a negotiated transaction, or an auction. When more immediate liquidity is desired, we can purchase the assets and effectively remove the risk of fluctuating market value.


Our asset recovery specialists are immersed in the marketplace every day. Their relationships with buyers and sellers of every asset class are invaluable to the interests of our clients. In order to make the best use of such a commodity, we capture the contact and transaction information in a centralized database. This resource helps us to secure for our clients the maximum recovery of value for problem assets.

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