Excess and obsolete inventory flows into the marketplace every year. For any company, disposing of this inventory is a risky and potentially costly venture. That is why so many companies rely on SB360. We maximize recovery value of the inventory, and bring peace of mind to the process.

Along with our affiliates, we buy and sell billions of dollars of inventory each and every year. The relationships we form through our daily business transactions are ones that we use favorably on behalf of our clients. Consequently, no other company has a more extensive resume of satisfied clients who have recovered maximum value for unproductive inventory.

Sensible inventory disposition alternatives.

For effective ways of turning problem inventory into cash, we bring you SBC Logistics. We’re reinventing the model for third-party asset recovery providers. From our centrally located Asset Recovery Center (ARC) in the Midwest, we process and resell customer returns, defective merchandise, end-of-season clearance, obsolete merchandise, and overstocks. Our team of experts have the solutions retailers want for their complex product return challenges.