Shawn Parkin is Senior Director, Canadian Operations, at SB360 Capital Partners and is responsible for the development of Canadian business for the Company. Shawn works with retail and manufacturing clients to offer the Company’s unique perspectives and strategies to achieve sustainable growth through power planning.

Prior to joining SB360, Shawn successfully held Executive positions with Sears Canada and other major retail companies in Canada during his 30 years of merchandising, buying and operations. Shawn has an exceptional track record in retail, manufacturing, catalogue and bank valuation for re-engineering and revitalizing strategies that unlock exceptional value.

Shawn’s recent experience includes 15 successful years of Lead Consultant work for Gordon Brothers, in Europe, Canada and the United States. Shawn brings a strong well-focused perspective to event planning, maximizing returns from poor performing and excess inventories by working directly with the client. Shawn’s insights in valuing inventories and fixed assets, balancing the client’s needs and protecting the brand while finding value where others see none, is his expertise.

Companies that Shawn has successfully partnered with in this capacity include; Eaton’s, Montgomery Wards, Gottschalks, Mervyns, Mars Music, Bowring, Sport Depot, Discovery Channel Stores, Licensee Manufacture for Ralph Lauren Polo, Grafton Fraser, Comark, Club Monaco, and Polo Ralph Lauren’s Caban Stores to name a select few.